That Was Pretty Crazy. Chris Pronger : Jason Smith In Edmonton Broke The Ball Of His Foot.

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It was he said ugly.” James van Riemsdyk , RW, Toronto Maple Leafs : “The craziest one I saw, my first year in Philly, Ian Laperriere took a slap shot in the face , a one-timer, and it knocked out, like, 15 of his teeth. And he made it back for the third period. That was pretty crazy.” Chris Pronger : ” Jason Smith in Edmonton broke the ball of his foot. It was broken and he tried to play on it. I’m like, ‘Dude, you can’t.’ And he was, ‘Eh.’ I can’t imagine how much that had to hurt. Just think of the ball of your foot. That’s a pressure point. You have to push there. Skating backwards, you’re pushing on that. Skating forwards, you’re pushing on that. I can’t imagine the pain he was in trying to skate through that.” After a slap shot to his face knocked out several teeth in the first period, Ian Laperriere returned for the third on Nov.

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